wattOS is back! Based on Debian stable with LXDE. Primarily with focus for keeping old hardware alive. But it seems that there are no 32 bit, not for now at least. Anyway, good to see that they are back in business. Release announcement in link.



Oh, remember that one , got it installed years ago .

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Another derivative of Debian ! No one to innovate ??

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Now it is winter I always boot into Arch and ArchLabs, but now starting to boot into openSUSE, Fedora and Debian SID at least once a day visiting all my usual sites and running my usual programs.


wattOS were previously Ubuntu based and has been around since…well forever it seems. They have not released anything for several years actually and I was very surprised when I saw the news.

Innovative, no probably not, but wattOS are more to be considered an utility OS. A stable tool which you can rely on over a long period of time.