Warning for all you Google Chrome users


Thx for sharing @Dobbie03

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Affects Chromium too?


Hmmm, I sort of get why they have so many vulnerabilities, I still recommend Firefox to every one who happens to ask (which isn’t that many).

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Wow, wonder what they do with all of those vulnerabilities. Unless that Google doesn t give a damn about it.

I’ll gladly move to FF, as soon as they fix this 2 years old bug.

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lol, wow only 2 years old, lets wait some more years (thinks FF) .

Those big tech companies just don t care it seems.

Apparently. I only keep FF installed for one reason: once every major version update, I start it, reload sway and watch it die.

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Hopefully one day they will fix it.

Can’t wait! :rofl:

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BTW: Chrome sucks in one more way: it doesn’t use mpris album cover images. FF downloads them. Epiphany returns a remote image path. Only Chrome/Chromium does not support them at all.


Someday in the future…, don t wait for it sadly.

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To check for your new browser. Brave very good, but matched by Librewolf and FF & Safari not far off. Of course this doesn’t include modified settings (I’ve followed a FF hardening guide) so it only gives a first impression. I would love to see an online tool or downloadable test suite to test your own modified browser against.


Thx for sharing @Peppe

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Opera & Safari highlights in the article. No surprises here from the NSA’s cheerleader.

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