Want to try a new terminal

St terminal

You need to compile st yourself. The configs are in config.h. Once edited to your liking, you need to “sudo make clean install”. You need to do this everytime you want to change up st.

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Ok, thank you very much

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Let me know if you need any help with getting st set up.

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Where is the config.h?
Forgive so many questions.
Thank you.

git clone git://git.suckless.org/st

Clone that to your hard drive and it is inside that folder.

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Ok, thank you

If you want scrollback and transparency you’ll need to apply some patches. Those are suckless.org in the st section.

@dobbie - the link in the original post is dead. Nate no longer maintain his fork of st? Moved to GitLab or Bitbuckit?

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How do apply the parches?
Forgive my ignorance.
Thank you

  1. Create a build directory for yourself; cd into the build directory and get the sources from git:
git clone git://git.suckless.org/st
  1. Download the patches you want to apply into the st directory created when you cloned the git repository.

  2. cd into the st directory and apply the patch with

patch -p1 < [patch_name]

Use the actual name of the patches instead of [patch_name]; and note the order they need to be applied if you’re patching more that one - i.e. for st the scrollback patch needs to be applied before the scroolback-mouse

Once you’ve applied the patches, you can edit the config file and build st.

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Very complicated for my level of linux.
I stay with termite.
How do you give it up? The pacman -R st command says that the st program is not found.
Go racket, thank you very much.

You can get the sources from git with the command dobbie3 provided; the instructions to compile it are in the README file. Pretty easy. Patching isn’t required.

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Ok thank you

I’ve just packaged up a version of st with all of the scrollback patches applied, here it is:



In the end I installed an already compiled with patches, I put the link in case someone is interested:

Thank you very much for your help

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@anon42040838 , thx for the work there mate.

^ you’re welcome :slight_smile:

The package is now on version 0.8.1-2, I’ve changed the font from Liberation Mono to the plain monospace alias so the font can be changed by the user.

EDIT: the PKGBUILD and other source files are available here:


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@anon42040838. No problem, you work too hard ! lol Keep it on mate.

I’ve just noticed that the ArchLabs testing ISO image[1] has st as the default terminal, the archlabs-st package has now (v0.8.1-4) been added to the conflicts array so that pacman will politely ask if you want to swap rather than rudely failing.

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St is not included on the iso, however I have yet to remove the package from the unstable repo, so it’s still available to those interested. I just decided packaging binaries for st kinda defeats the purpose of suckless software. Termite will probably be our default terminal emulator for good.