Want to try a new terminal

Ok, thank you

If you want scrollback and transparency you’ll need to apply some patches. Those are suckless.org in the st section.

@dobbie - the link in the original post is dead. Nate no longer maintain his fork of st? Moved to GitLab or Bitbuckit?

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How do apply the parches?
Forgive my ignorance.
Thank you

  1. Create a build directory for yourself; cd into the build directory and get the sources from git:
git clone git://git.suckless.org/st
  1. Download the patches you want to apply into the st directory created when you cloned the git repository.

  2. cd into the st directory and apply the patch with

patch -p1 < [patch_name]

Use the actual name of the patches instead of [patch_name]; and note the order they need to be applied if you’re patching more that one - i.e. for st the scrollback patch needs to be applied before the scroolback-mouse

Once you’ve applied the patches, you can edit the config file and build st.

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Very complicated for my level of linux.
I stay with termite.
How do you give it up? The pacman -R st command says that the st program is not found.
Go racket, thank you very much.

You can get the sources from git with the command dobbie3 provided; the instructions to compile it are in the README file. Pretty easy. Patching isn’t required.

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Ok thank you

I’ve just packaged up a version of st with all of the scrollback patches applied, here it is:



In the end I installed an already compiled with patches, I put the link in case someone is interested:

Thank you very much for your help

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@anon42040838 , thx for the work there mate.

^ you’re welcome :slight_smile:

The package is now on version 0.8.1-2, I’ve changed the font from Liberation Mono to the plain monospace alias so the font can be changed by the user.

EDIT: the PKGBUILD and other source files are available here:


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@anon42040838. No problem, you work too hard ! lol Keep it on mate.

I’ve just noticed that the ArchLabs testing ISO image[1] has st as the default terminal, the archlabs-st package has now (v0.8.1-4) been added to the conflicts array so that pacman will politely ask if you want to swap rather than rudely failing.

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St is not included on the iso, however I have yet to remove the package from the unstable repo, so it’s still available to those interested. I just decided packaging binaries for st kinda defeats the purpose of suckless software. Termite will probably be our default terminal emulator for good.


I have used them both but still prefer st.

Still on my beloved Sakura.

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Hmmm, Rust-based, eh? Very trendy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up!


Never heard about alacritty . Thx for that.

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There are interesting fork of st called xst with nice patches applied - like using Xresources etc.

That’s what I use.