Want to try a new terminal

Check out st. It doesn’t play nicely with the image in screenfetch but it looks and works so well.

@nate forked it and it is incredible.



Trying this out as we speak and absolutely loving it. Thank you @nate

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st is one of the nicest terminals I have used.

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I’ll have to check it out. I normally rock cool-retro-term.

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for me, it’s usually guake (takes me back to my CounterStrike days :p) or terminator.

I normally use URXVT but st is just too nice not to use it.

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I switched because these days simplicity is more valuable to me.
Every other terminal I’ve tried either has issues with unicode, applications I use, or was a mess of dependancies

Cheers for the post though :slight_smile:

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Nice fork of st, Nate.

Been using it more and more.

@PackRat Thanks man


Using the st fork now - it’s great, just need to get out of the shift+ins habit and get used to ctrl+shift+v


I too am having to get back into the habit on ctrl+shift+v/c :slight_smile:

Check the source config


the following handles shortcuts

Shortcut shortcuts[] = {
    /* mask                 keysym          function        argument */
    { XK_ANY_MOD,           XK_Break,       sendbreak,      {.i =  0} },
    { ControlMask,          XK_Print,       toggleprinter,  {.i =  0} },
    { ShiftMask,            XK_Print,       printscreen,    {.i =  0} },
    { XK_ANY_MOD,           XK_Print,       printsel,       {.i =  0} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_Prior,       zoom,           {.f = +1} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_Next,        zoom,           {.f = -1} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_Home,        zoomreset,      {.f =  0} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_C,           clipcopy,       {.i =  0} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_V,           clippaste,      {.i =  0} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_Y,           selpaste,       {.i =  0} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_Num_Lock,    numlock,        {.i =  0} },
    { TERMMOD,              XK_I,           iso14755,       {.i =  0} },
    { ShiftMask,            XK_Page_Up,     kscrollup,      {.i = -1} },
    { ShiftMask,            XK_Page_Down,   kscrolldown,    {.i = -1} },

You would want to define a new shortcut something like this

   { ShiftMask,            XK_Insert,     clippaste,      {.i = 0} },

Then recompile, lemme know if that does the trick

Edit #2

I should just note

Config Variable Actual Meaning
TERMMOD Ctrl + Shift
ShiftMask Shift
ControlMask Ctrl
XK_ANY_MOD Ctrl / Alt / Shift ** I believe, dont quote me
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Oh I’m happy with ctrl+shift+c/v, just been using ctrl/shift+ins for another term I was using. Thanks though!

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Now with Nate’s awesome AL-Info script:


In the past when using archlabs I’ve been using termite, although it seems this comes with the testing release now and i’m starting to like it.

Yeah st is a wicked little utility.

I’m still 50/50 between st / urxvt :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello everyone.
Where is the configuration file? I do not see it.
Thank you very much

Frr which terminal in particular?