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I’m a long time linux user. I’m Dutch and living in the Czech Republic with my Czech wife. I ran almost any distribution and settled for an arch based distro. After running Manjaro as well as Antergos for months I finally found my distro of choice. ArchLabs is fabulous. It comes with OpenBox and i3 out of the box and is beautifully themed and configured. It’s fast and very lightweighted. The installer is different than most others, but it is very easy to use and very informative. IMO it’s better than Antergos and Manjaro (which I both love). I’m a big fan of i3 but on manjaro I had a lot of difficulties to get a VM runnig normally in i3. On ArchLabs it just works. I don’t know what the the developers did, but it’s great and I’m thankful.


Welcome @wammes. You seem to be fitting in nicely so far!! Great to have you here.

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I prefer arch linux and archlabs to manjaro and antergos.
it’s just i.m.h.o.

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Antergos and Manjaro are both fine. They’re great distros, but somehow they both ‘pin you down’ to their design and setup. I prefer to be free and setup my own configurations, although it takes more work. But hey, that’s Arch :wink: At first I installed just plain Arch but I kept on having trouble with my WiFi network setup. My laptop is not wired. Furthermore, I’m a bit lazy. I do not want to set up every tiny detail ofa system. Imho ArchLabs just fills the gapps. It’s (almost) pure Arch, without the hassle of setting up everything yourself. It gives you a nice framework to play with. the setup is a breeze and follows the Arch setup, but with the help of an installer. And that works for me. I don’t feel imprisoned by a big distro. I run a beautifully themed Arch distro that runs very well right out of the box. Although I must say I needed to change quiet a few key bindings in i3 config. They possiblly reflect the prefs of the devs, but they were not what I was used to. Ah well, everything is fine now.

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put your WiFi network setup on it, so you know what drivers you use

Neh… i’ll stick with ArchLabs. Running great :wink:

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Welcome friend!

Welcome aboard mate.

Great seeing you here @wammes. Yes Arch is fun when you are able to have a great frame to work with. But when things break, we have a great group of people to help. And if you have solutions, share! :grin:

@wammes Sorry I missed this post and the opportunity to welcome you. See you around…