VS Code is put under incorrect category in Launcher?


So today I just installed VS Code on my archlabs box and I noticed that it was put under Accessories category/group in main Launcher while I think it should be under Developement? I then installed GitHub Desktop which got put into Developement group which made sense. Is there a way to correct this and I would be grateful if someone can explain possibly why this happened in first place?

Edit the /usr/share/applications/vscode.desktop file (or whatever they name it). There should be a line for “Catagories=”

This is from emacs.desktop


Use the same categories as GitHub Desktop and VS Code will be in the same menu categories. The order is important, so put “Development” first. Whoever created the package for VS Code thought it should be in “Accessories” and made the “Categories=” line in the *.desktop file accordingly.


A good idea is to store your edited .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications. I use it to hide unwanted icons in the application drawer (with NoDisplay=true). It’s easy to copy all the stuff to another machine later.


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oh sweet. That worked and solved my problem. Thank you PackRat and nwg for prompt support. It really means a lot to me. Have a nice day y’all. :smile: :heart:

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