Void Linux


Any checked out Void? I have it installed on my Craptop, its a pretty sweet distro.


Been running it for quite a while .

I use their mklive scripts to roll my own fluxbox - spectrwm spin.


It’s a nice distro, fast and smooth.


Just installed Void on HD.
It looks too good to be true.
What’s the catch?


No catch.

Only drawback is the small size of the development team. Strictly speaking not bleeding edge, but the main applications people know about like gimp, libreoffice, etc … are kept current. DE’s like Gnome, Mate, KDE can lag behind a bit.

I started with Void back when systemd was new and the were one of (the?) first to be systemd only, so I had to check it out without the sysVinit safety net. Went back to Debian after a 60-day trial period. Then dropped Debian because they went to systemd and installed Void because they dropped systemd and went with runit.


@PackRat The whole thing is still a bit ‘intimidating’ for me as I need to check the wiki or the forum for everything, but I have got the feeling that me and Void will became good friends.
I’ve installed Cinnamon as DE, should i try something else?


Cinnamon is fine; use what you’re comfortable with. That’s actually one of the install media options isn’t it?


Yes, that’s how happened. I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable with Cinnamon, never used before. The idea was to challenge my hardware resource and see how Void performs with something not so lightweight.
The os is installed in a laptop that I don’t use often, so my learning process will be quite slow.
Hopefully I will know enough by the time I’ll go on holidays; when I leave for more than 2 days I still need to be reachable and operational or my boss will freak out.


can vouch for cinnamon…used it with Linux Mint for almost 2 years. Beautiful & functionally stable!


Cinnamon will be stable on Void as well, it’s just that the underlying Gnome dependencies may take a while to get updated because the development team is relatively small. Right now, Gnome in Void is at 3.28, so it’s current.

The upside is that the dependencies are hardcoded so when a new version of Gnome is released, an upgrade will fail with an unresolved shlib error until all the dependencies are up to date. So it’s very difficult to bork your system during an upgrade like Debian Testing/Sid and Arch can do. Just happened with LibreOffice; I had to just wait a couple days.


This is just a test to track down a potential bug.