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Void linux+sowm+pfetch

An itsy bitsy floating window manager (220~ sloc / 24kb compiled!).


Nicee again @mrneilypops

How is it to configure and set up?

Wonder if these are in the links provided @Dobbie03

Oh yeah the instructions are there, I was wanted to know how Neil found it to set up.

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Oh, understood.

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Very easy!
I already had dwm installed on Void linux with st terminal installed (used by sowm)

Just like dwm;
git clone
cd ~/sowm
sudo make install

add ‘exec sowm’ to ~/.xinitrc

I added a ‘quit’ keymap Alt+Shift+q=pkill x;

I changed the MOD key to MOD1 as per dwm config.h

#define MOD Mod1Mask

Void linux has the pfetch binary available.

An itsy bitsy floating window manager (220~ sloc / 24kb compiled!). :sunglasses:

Loving it so far. Satisfies my OCD minimalistic cycle :rofl:

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Excellent. I’m going to have to try this out.


Cheers Man! Enjoy!
See my edit above. I changed the MOD key so very similar to dwm.
Super light and fast! :sunglasses:

If I can help just call. Also, dylanarps is very helpful.

Thanks Neil! I will yell if I need help :smiley: Dylan is the man, very talented.


Neil could you post your congif.h here please. I just want to compare yours to mine.


Sure…standby :upside_down_face:


Patiently waiting :smiley:

#ifndef CONFIG_H
#define CONFIG_H

#define MOD Mod1Mask

const char* menu[] = {“dmenu_run”, 0};
const char* term[] = {“st”, 0};
const char* scrot[] = {“scrot”, 0};
const char* briup[] = {“bri”, “10”, “+”, 0};
const char* bridown[] = {“bri”, “10”, “-”, 0};
const char* voldown[] = {“amixer”, “sset”, “Master”, “5%-”, 0};
const char* volup[] = {“amixer”, “sset”, “Master”, “5%+”, 0};
const char* volmute[] = {“amixer”, “sset”, “Master”, “toggle”, 0};
const char* colors[] = {“bud”, “/home/goldie/Pictures/Wallpapers”, 0};
const char* quit[] = {“pkill”, “x”, 0};

static struct key keys[] = {
{MOD, XK_q, win_kill, {0}},
{MOD, XK_c, win_center, {0}},
{MOD, XK_f, win_fs, {0}},
{Mod1Mask, XK_Tab, win_next, {0}},

{MOD, XK_d,      run, {.com = menu}},
{MOD, XK_w,      run, {.com = colors}},
{MOD, XK_p,      run, {.com = scrot}},
{MOD, XK_Return, run, {.com = term}},
{MOD|ShiftMask, XK_q, run, {.com = quit}},

{0,   XF86XK_AudioLowerVolume,  run, {.com = voldown}},
{0,   XF86XK_AudioRaiseVolume,  run, {.com = volup}},
{0,   XF86XK_AudioMute,         run, {.com = volmute}},
{0,   XF86XK_MonBrightnessUp,   run, {.com = briup}},
{0,   XF86XK_MonBrightnessDown, run, {.com = bridown}},

{MOD,           XK_1, ws_go,     {.i = 1}},
{MOD|ShiftMask, XK_1, win_to_ws, {.i = 1}},
{MOD,           XK_2, ws_go,     {.i = 2}},
{MOD|ShiftMask, XK_2, win_to_ws, {.i = 2}},
{MOD,           XK_3, ws_go,     {.i = 3}},
{MOD|ShiftMask, XK_3, win_to_ws, {.i = 3}},
{MOD,           XK_4, ws_go,     {.i = 4}},
{MOD|ShiftMask, XK_4, win_to_ws, {.i = 4}},
{MOD,           XK_5, ws_go,     {.i = 5}},
{MOD|ShiftMask, XK_5, win_to_ws, {.i = 5}},
{MOD,           XK_6, ws_go,     {.i = 6}},
{MOD|ShiftMask, XK_6, win_to_ws, {.i = 6}},



Thanks Neil, lets see how we go. For some reason I have no keybinds working.

I changed mine to ALT key;
#define MOD Mod1Mask

I have changed mine too, I just can’t get anything to work.

I guess you have started sowm by adding to ~/.xinitrc
What do you have on X?

I have added exec sowm to .xinitrc. Sowm starts but the keybinds aren’t working. alt+enter produces nothing as an example. Yes I have ‘st’ installed. :smiley:

I know you know your stuff…I am at a loss…
So the wm command in ~/.xinitrc is exec sowm?
I guess you have a desktop+wallpaper y/n