Void linux new ISO repo

Did anybody miss this? like me…:wink:



Yes I missed it too, though admittedly I haven’t checked out anything Void related for quite some time.

New Void Mirrors

Be careful with those iso’s if you downloaded one. That may be a temporary location for “alpha” iso’s until they get moved to the usual download location. There was a comment about them in the Void forum, but the forum is down for me (USA) so I can’t check - something broken in the installer, as I recall. If the forum is up Luxembourg, you can look for the thread.

How did you find out about that location?

PackRat I think you are correct.
A couple of attempts to boot the xfce ISO failed with a kernel panic/initrd not found.

I do not remember my source for this info right now.

As you say, take care with thIs ISO source.

Void forum down at this time.

Might actually be gone for good. It was not an official Void Linux forum; one of the users was maintaining it on his own in order to have a forum ( the dev’s prefer IRC ). He was looking to shut it down in order to save some $$. So it may or may not come back. Ultimately, it would probably be best for Team Void to have their forum on Linux Questions the same way Slackware does. A couple of the dev’s participated in the Void forum so it should work out like it does for Slackware.

We offered to host the Void forum on the same server that the AL one was on. Never had a reply.

It would ve been great , too bad they never answered.

That’s interesting. The guy should have jumped at that; he was looking for someone to take it over.

I thought he would have, we weren’t asking much, maybe $5-10 a month to help with server costs. Oh well.

Too bad.

Sad news indeed :cry:

I have enjoyed many FAB Void installs.

I remain hopeful…:exploding_head:

The git page is up to date, so the mk-live scripts are current. Just the other day, I rolled a new iso and performed a clean install.

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<Johnnynator[m]> Yep. The 2018 Isos are using a somewhat broken kernel, so they should be considered quite unstable.
<Johnnynator[m]> They just didn't come around yet to build some new images.
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<ArgyroNet> I understand.
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<coldpress> duncaen: i didn't yet give you my thanks for diagnosing that it was a /boot partition error, so thanks for that!
<ArgyroNet> I'll try the xfce /current/ image then, bye and thanks.
<caioalonso> I'm sure many people already came here and asked the same thing, but I couldn't find info anywhere: why is the forum down?
<Phyrric> errm, **something derpd and the maintainer is mia**. voidteam wants to talk to him before turning to alternatives
<Phyrric> in the meantime there r/voidlinux and here I guess

Kind of sketchy that the maintainer of the Void forum is MIA - he was collecting donations to keep the forum up and running and there were several people that donated.

Have put the feelers out offering help with forum hosting. @sqamsqam (who hosts our forums) was happy to help early on and I’m sure he still is.

OT: At least when he runs with the money you can’t say you weren’t warned with that name… :laughing:

Looks like they’re back to business Here


I saw those the other day.

And this site appears to be pretty active for help

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Looks like things are evolving, I hope Trident devs drop Lumina in the migration.

They were talking about it on Reddit ahead of the official switch.

The Trident developer’s comments about FreeBSD are interesting; seems to be some sour grapes there.

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If they keep the same attitude, in few years the distro will be based on Ubuntu.

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