Void Linux - Juan RP (xtraeme) leaves again

Original developer of Void, xbps resigns.

Or was he banned? Timing is close on that one. Some of the rants were epic.

Main concern seems to be if Juan changes the license for xbps.


I always wanted to try that distro (Void) for real work… but a person can only deal with so many drama queens (Trump fills my quota…).

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OMG, not again! :wink:

To be honest: I gave up on void, at least for now. For many reasons.

Has he got a fair bit of mental stuff going on? He’s seems very unstable. Or at least it seems if things don’t go his way he has a tanty?

Apparently, first time he left, his life had basically fallen apart. Relationship ended, a lot of time in court trying to get custody of his daughters etc …

I don’t know what his personality was like before that or if there is some long lasting effect.

Fortunately, he is no longer a point of failure for the project.

But just in case, I am happy that ArchLabs will install on both my systems :monkey_face:

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I really feel for him. I hope he get’s his fair share of custody.

That is a valid point.


Some action over at void, too bad I guess for Void distro.

Personally I gave up on Void after they decide to not bring back online a forum for the community and only relies on Reddit instead, even when some people asked for it.
Reddit as a primary support with git, which is not meant for this, is not a good idea for simple users they never 'll use this tool for sure.
And seriously Reddit is heavy as hell, the search function is bad, it is full of ads and trackers omg !! This is so sad they decided that was a good idea .

If they want to live longer and grow a little they’ll need to make some changes with the way they handle the project because personally at this point if I want to taste the BSD spirit I will install directly a BSD one, at least most of them got forums and mailing lists that are actually being readable/used .

Well I’m glad the project is still going, not many distributions offer runit.

Just a shame they don’t have support for UEFI, hopefully they can add it soon.

And this is awful of me but:

I don’t suppose you have a link? I’m bored in lockdown atm…

I have Void installed on two UEFI systems, or are you referring to secure boot?

Not accessible any more. It was getting bad. A lot of f-bombs and some developers were adding mocking statements to the cowsay - or whatever equivalent app they have.

That forum was hosted by a user not the project. The Void developers prefer the IRC channel.

The forum going down may have been a bit of a scam. Several users donated money to someone that was going to continue hosting it. Then “poof” that guy disappeared.

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Oh really? I couldn’t get the image booting last time I tried and I remember the recent Distrowatch review also had problems with UEFI but I must have been mistaken. Thanks for the info.

Drat. Guess I’ll just have to start an argument over at forums.debian.net instead :smiling_imp:

I offered numerous times to help with the forum. At the time Sam was happy to host from his server. I never received even an acknowledgement or anything. I found it extremely rude.

I did a bit of research into this because Lead Developers just don’t up and leave, there is a a few members out they saying that xtraeme was provoked into blowing up like that. It seems that xtraeme’s ire is directed towards the one guy in particular.

I think their first effort may have been a bit of a fail; fixed it pretty quick. When I upgraded (if you can call it that) from Win 7 to Win 10 on the destop, I switched it to UEFI and both installed no issues. It’s dual boot, two harddrives.

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That’s accurate.

Didn’t take him long to set up a new gitlab page for xbps. Some people thinking a new distro may be in the works.

He may have a hair trigger in that regard; what little I read about his departure from NetBSD (OpenBSD?) was in a similar vein. Speculation on my part, though.

I’d be surprised if he didn’t, too much hard work down the drain not to.

Ah one of those.

I think this post speaks volumes:

I’m wishing him all the best. Juan is a force of nature, both in productivity and in temperament.

Yeah it seems to explain a lot.

Yes I know that and that was exactly my point, this wouldn’t have happened if the forum was managed by the Voidlinux project and not a user alone ( which by the way was paying the bill himself if I am not mistaken … wtf !).