Void installer help?

Wanted to try Void today, when partitioning it sees my drives/partitions correctly(I want to use sda which is my sdd) but when I want to select the mount points it only shows me the sdc partitions which is my usb stick. I even changed from UEFI to Legacy and back in my BIOS, but I simply have no idea what else to try or why this is happening.

Ask your question in the Void forum.

This issue comes up every now and then with the installer. A couple of the developers are active in that forum and should know how to help you.

Will go there as soon as I fix my situation, I just feckd my partitions by overlapping a couple of them. No day goes by without having some fun :grin::joy:


Put your full drive(s) and partition layout in your question. Usually when this happens with the Void installer it’s a quick fix.

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normally, can promote/show your OS or other OS for discussion purposes, but for support, its better to head over to the OS/distro maintainers website, in this case either Void’s wiki pages or reddit

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Of course, and true, but it wasn’t that important and it feels more natural to me to ask here first, I feel like home here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Not sure exactly how, but trying to install Void I overlapped my 512Gb ssd partitions, I ended up doing a cell clearing factory reset(I had too many twisted partition on it anyway). Of course I had a AL backup which is now rsync restored to a NEW BTRFS partition(wanted to see if it could be restored from ext4 to btrfs, it wasn’t complicated at all ). It’s my FIRST FULL RESTORE of Arch/AL from a backup, and it worked, it feels good knowing that I can recover from any hard situation that I encountered with my install until now. And to think that about less than a year ago I was hitting my laptop in frustration when CrapWintos10 was having a mind of its own. I never ever paid for a crapwintos license but now just after a few months I started donating to some Linux apps/projects that I like because it just feels right and nobody is trying to force me into paying for anything.
Ohh, I started asking help with Void and I ended up babbling away…this is what a few beers do to my brain :grin:

@drLobes void is great. i had used it for months if not years and i dont mind using if even right now. the fact is that i tend to compile more stuff that i need when using void than rather just having arch (or artix-runit in this case)

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Do you compile because you can’t find those apps in the repos or you do it just for your own fun?