Vivaldi Browser

Although I’m sure this is likely already a beaten mule, what are your opinions & experiences with the mostly open-source browser?

Tries it years ago, it wasn t my cup of tea. Guess that it comes back to what one likes or not.

Your quite right it comes down to taste, personally I like Vivaldi for me the sync features are better than any thing else, I can do without all the tool’s they have added email, masterdon etc and then configuration it offers are something i really like.
But that’s just my choice


I use Vivaldi for work (macos big sur) and there itś working very well and fast. In Archlabs I use Chromium.


EDIT: sorry, just read @GreenMartian 's original post a bit more carefully, and realised this is not on topic. I did use Vivaldi for a while but I seem to remember it was too full-featured for me

I am, and have been for years, using Firefox

However, I just recently installed chromium to see if an issue I had was due to Firefox, and liked it

But what about syncing bookmarks?
I dual boot the lappy between ArchLabs and Win 11 (latter for work), and have an Android phone

Also, I use a gmail account for work - if I log into this google account on chromium, might I just as well be using Chrome (privacy wise)?

Thanks for the replies lads @womp @kamu @altman @leigh.

It’s likely easier to phone home when you’re using Chrome along with Gmail integration @leigh. Chromium a bit less and Ungoogled Chromium the better. However, with UC I would imagine that sync is left out. But, I could be mistaken there.


I thought Chromium was ‘unGoogled’. Shows how much I know about these (and most other) things

I’ve used Vivaldi for some considerable time (about a year or so). Enjoyed it, and their servers are in Iceland, it’s made in Norway so GDPR is a bit better. very good syncing indeed and a decent Android version. Their non-OSS stuff doesn’t bother me, but it’s strange to do since they build their browser on open source code… But imho they’re adding too much now (although you can opt out). Right now I use Brave (although I don’t trust the company behind it) and after some tweaking (getting rid of crypto and Brave features) it works really well. And syncs well also. And Brave comes out consistently as the most safe Chromiun based browser. For solely my Google stuff (gmail, Meet, Drive sometimes) I use Chromium, with a non-synced, anonymized account, just bookmarks., The rest is on Brave.

Thanks @leigh & @peppe.

Great take @Peppe.

Ungoogled takes it a step furthur @leigh. Right, it’s just progress. I learn new things every day.

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As we all do, my friend!