Viewing Animated Gifs in GPicView

When I try to open an animated .gif with GPicView (the default image viewer) I get an error: "Couldn’t recognize the image file format for file “animation.gif”. If the .gif is a single frame with no animation it opens fine. I have giflib installed but this doesn’t seem to help. Is there a way to get GPicView to play animated .gifs?

Failing that, is there another image viewer as light and quick that supports this?

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Not sure about GPicView but you can view/edit animated GIF’s with xnviewmp.

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Unfortunately gif or motion jpeg only with another viewer, or with the suggestion of @McQ.
But it is possible to visualize without extra installations, in AL use the mpv video player.
To edit / create you can use Gimp, Blender, Gifcurry and others…

Another tip is the Viewnoir or the Ristretto .

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Mirage is a great viewer that’s also very lean.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Turns out that the .gif I was trying to play was corrupted or misnamed so I ended up trying them all as none of them worked at first. With a proper .gif they all work fine. Another difference is that GPicView will show a static frame of an animation rather than just complaining about the image file format.

I ended up going with Viewnoir since it automatically scales the window to fit the image. All were very fast though so it was just my preference on this.

I wanted an application that could view animated and static .gifs so that I could keep the extension associated with one program rather than having to manually select a different viewer depending on the file. Happy now, thanks again!

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@GrimFrenzy Glad you’ve got it sorted, Since this was a support related question, please mark your comment above as the solution and the topic header as solved.


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I forgot to mention this one for terminal Gifski or the Github, it’s very interesting.

Good luck and all the best!