(venv) isn't showing up in shell prompt


I used to issue $pipenv shell then I get the prompt like this: (venv-name) user@host [dir] $ but now I don’t see it.

How should I get it back?


Hello, I do not use this shell, so I know less than zero.
See if you can find help here


I’m guessing you had something installed to show this information, by default no shell does this.
You’ll need to set up your prompt to check for a virtualenv or use oh-my-zsh it comes with a plugin called virtualenv and you can just enable it…

NOTE: On Archlabs you’ll need to remove the package grml-zsh-config with pacman -Rs after installing oh-my-zsh or else the two conflict.


This just explains the difference. It didn’t help. Thank you :smiley:


I did as you said, and it works fine now. Thank you very much :smile:

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