Ventoy - Bootable USB Tool

Check this out, seems pretty cool


Fairly new, never heard of this one also @Dobbie03

Thx for sharing .

I’m a bit late to the party but just wanted to confirm. Before finding this post I wanted to create a multi boot usb in Linux so…Yumi install is broken, MultiBoot USB did create my drive but it took a long time and I was able to boot only one install from the USB, the second one was just starting to boot then it failed with some errors. Then I found Ventoy, man its so simple to use, just install it to your stick and then all you have to do is copy your iso files as many as you like, don’t have to do anything else, Ventoy will create the boot menu for you and they all booted succesfuly for me, great tool. At any time you can delete or copy another iso to your USB and it’ll work.


This site may also be of interest,

“is a set of shell scripts which allows you to create your own Live Linux from an already installed Linux distribution. The Live system you create will be bootable from CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive”


@userzero, nice finding, i will test it.
Thanks 4 sharing

I knew about Ventoy, but now installed it on my 128GB usb drive, copied the ArchLabs iso 11.04.2020 and I was able to boot it up on my macbook air(getting rid of kali), and after i hit enter for the AL iso, it just stuck there. Any ideas?

Can we see the ArchLabs menuentry? You can mount the ISO image and check if the paths to the kernel & initramfs images are correct in the Ventoy grub.cfg.

nevermind, it’s just the macbook not working correctly. I did a test run on my PC and it works, just macbook isn’t working.

Thanks for this. Worked like a charm!