Venom OS?

Has anyone tried this bad boy?

Thx for sharing @manyroads .

Never heard of this distro before.

@altman It is Openbox, built from scratch, and runs in/idles at 87MB of RAM

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Hey cool, thx for the comeback sir.

A small footprint !

Haven’t tried it yet. Reading their webpage, it seems that this is a CRUX-based distro. I am afraid that each package installation/upgrade will be built from source. My Gentoo days are long gone. So, a pass.

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Child’s play… :rofl:

@chroot I did download and run the iso. It seems clean and minimal (no wireless though). The iso image ran in just about 200MB on my dinky-do laptop (Acer AspireOne). FWIW They claim to have a package manager called scratchpkg : GitHub - venomlinux/scratchpkg: Package Manager used by Venom Linux

Try to install a small pkg like maybe rxvt. I bet it has to build from source.

I have been looking at their scratchpkg github page… it looks like installing stuff is an adventure. :face_with_head_bandage:

It works, just takes more time to build. Works like you install from AUR (except *-bin pkgs)

CRUX inspired - so it will be lean; but the distro is built from scratch.

And packages built from source (from distrowatch)

Each time I downloaded a new package it would result in scratch configuring and compiling new software for my system. This was fine for smaller tools, but larger programs with multiple dependencies can take several minutes to an hour to build.

scratch looks to be a lot like the *BSD pkgsrc.

Other than being a sysVinit system for those that do not want systemd, doesn’t seem to bring a lot to the table. With the dev luck though, always a lot of upside to a new project.