Vagrant Box

Hi all,

Would we be interested in having an AL vagrant box and docker image ? ( mostly on the vagrant box tbh )
I have found myself using plenty of AL VMs with vagrant and every time I have to use packer to build them

What are your thoughts ?

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I’d be very interested in docker images for archlabs as I love podman.

Please provide docker files too if you develop anything.

no many people use podman ?? interesting :slight_smile:

I will def provide the docker file! The same goes for vagrant!

Looking at how the Archlinux implemented it won’t be a single Dockerfile

As you got to take a base image like alpine and start porting in rootfs etc

I’d just make a Dockerfile and put:

FROM archlinux

and use that is the starting point since ArchLabs is an ArchLinux derrivative. Makes no sense to build a base image since all the archlinux docker image really is just the base package installed.

Then you could use the following steps in the rest of your Dockerfile:


docker build (desired flags) .