Utility over the terminal and tips (record your ternimal)

Record videos and share the actions/outputs of your terminal

If you do not like to make videos or even gifs, the ‘asciinema’ is a good alternative to show the terminal output, it’s simple light and fast, you can help other people to identify a certain failure showing how it really works, you can set up a small library with the most complex tips and commands for future own or public queries.

The videos have the option of private mode but it is also possible to share the recording through links and even incorporate the same into pages of websites or blogs for example, this is useful!

The site, in addition to providing the tool makes the hosting of all material and everything for free, in the settings you find options of themes of exposure of the material and to open an account simply email and username, is simple.

Note: I saved a gif, this is an example of recording the terminal output. (I hope it will be useful for someone, and once again I apologize for my english, I only know pt-br!)

Official website & web player:
asciinema: https://goo.gl/gYdHBD
asciinema-player: https://goo.gl/RpK5Gh
For Linux, BSD and macOS



That looks pretty darn useful!

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Oh cool. THanks for sharing.

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thanks to the link posted by @ m.rogers I discovered mapsci.
very cool
give this command to the terminal
telnet mapscii.me


Thank you all !
My “technical” knowledge is quite limited hahaha … and applications so at some point it may help. :slight_smile:

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True, I also have to thank, I had not noticed…

My house!

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