Using Openbox Tiling Capabilities

I have hacked a round a bit to see if I could make OB into a simple ‘single’ stacker / tiling wm. I have it working, albeit it is simple. There are no plugins, no add-ons just my pathetic xml (stolen and edited from numerous sources). :innocent: I’m debating adding add’l functions… we’ll see what happens.

FWIW Here’s my current rc.xml. Use it, config it better, or ignore it… the range of choices are yours to enjoy.


Nice work. Thx for sharing.

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Top again @manyroads . Thx for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing. One of these days I might find myself a convert. That’s a tough one though.

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@leo00 I personally believe you should use what you like. I do. Right now I use 3 window managers on my rig… dwm, bspwm, openbox (as a semi-tiler). They just fine and w/out conflict. After digging into all three, I simply marvel at what is possible. Enjoy!


Sir manyroads, you are a true gentleman and a wonderful contributor. I can’t thank you enough for all the things you bring. Here is one more thanks for this.

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Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.