Using Mutt (imap) isync mbsync, and accessing local system mail

Hey all -

I just finished moving away from T-Bird to Mutt. I can access my email via imap with isync mbsync and all is working pretty darned well!

To set this up using multiple accounts is pretty straight forward however, I must be suffering from reading too many docs because setting this up to also access local email (basically, emails from completed cron jobs).

Might anyone be doing this and if so, care to show the settings you are using to allow the local access - I’m just suffering a brain fart because this shouldn’t be that complicated, lol


I’ve been using mutt for a long time. Mostly with offlineimap and msmtp.

Mail setup

I still have a very long way to go when it comes to configuring Mutt. The thing is that after I wrote this, I found something out in the web-works and It appears that I got this to where I wanted.

Just before a last search for info last night, I thought; why not just point to the Local account to /var/spool/mail - that seemed to do the trick. I then created macros that allowed me to switch between Local and Provider mailboxes.

I don’t know if what I did is the correct way but, it does exactly what I was looking to do.
So in a sense, I’ll mark this solved (for now) unless someone wishes to chime in.


Hey there,
may I hijack this thread and just ask which guide you followed setting up mutt?
Because I tried to set up neomutt some weeks ago but failed hard, for some reason…

Thanks, Cheers

What is the advantage of Mutt over Thunderbird?

Not an issue. As to setting up Mutt (or Neomutt) I used the Arch-Wiki and this page:
Muttrc Builder
Another good source, have a look at the dot files that folks post here in the signature files.
And lastly, there are plenty of examples googling “mutt config”

These were the 4 mechanisms I used to to come up with my mutt (neomutt) config. As to setting up imap etc. the same methods above apply to the other bits that make up the whole ball of wax.

I am by no means an expert setting it up but Ill be happy the share what I have done/know.


Cool thanks, I will look into it again when I find the time.
@Dobbie03 No idea, really. I have used Thunderbird for the longest time and wanted to try out a console based mail reader, I guess.