User friendly AL

Hey that s cool @vinay

I am interested in discussions on artillery (towed, tracked), etc. I am not knowledgeable though—still learning, but like the subject. If you are knowledgeable on those topics, I’m all ears.

You might have a look to my motorised thread , lots of different stuff in there if it s of interestes to you. Too much stuff to learn right !

Guess that I went off topic here ! lol

Are you referring to a Windows or Mac environment?
Depending on what they’re use to, it can make a bit of difference in the window manager or DE you go with (mainly packages needed).

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Windows. We too poor to afford 'em macs :slight_smile:

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I searched “artillery” but nothing came up. Perhaps it is under different keywords. I’ll try military vehicles.

Use howitzer and/or “self-propelled gun” as keywords.

Thanks @packrat - appreciate it. Yep, Im still on xfce!!

Oh, not in this thread but you could add some links or videos in it.