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I am using AL exclusively on my dual boot (other distro: ubuntu). With the long distance education programs these days, other family have to often use the machine for zoom calls and other stuff like that. For a more familiar interface, I log them into ubuntu. However, I was thinking if there is a set of scripts on AL itself that makes the interface more user friendly (or shall I say, user-familiar) for those who may only have to be on the computer for short periods, and also my kids who are quite young, they really only know simple gui-interfaces. For example, I open a terminal with alsamixer for volume control, but that is not something they can do easily. Maybe a set of scripts that places simple controls (albeit in terminal/curses) in easy to find places etc.

Just a thought—I’m not really qualified to think in depth about this, but thought I should post it here. I think this is a relatively frequent use case with the new distance learning stuff going on everywhere.

I use only DWM. Maybe openbox might be easier for the little ones? Their workflow is zoom + some WYSIWYG editor + internet.

OpenBox install with Tint2 would help with other people using your computer.

Guess that you would need some scripts to make it happen, that I couldn t be of any help sadly, scripts-wise.

Thanks Altman. I will look into installing openbox. I have never used it, but I think the right click menu etc. is something they can use easily.

No problem my friend, I have this setup on my BunsenLab install.

Make sure to have Tint2 installed as you can put in some apps in there.

It might give you a hand, some other members might chim in, never know.

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Ahh, thanks Altman. I like to see linux reviews anyway, and honestly I had never seen one of AL. I actually was looking for bunsenlabs when I found it, and loved it so stayed.

Is that you doing the review?

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Hey that s cool, no problem mate.

Nop, it s not me doing the review, it would not be that good ! lol

:slight_smile: I’m sure if it had been you, it would have been even better.

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Lol, I m pretty sure it would not be better but thanx anyways.

Yes sir, I don t have hotrods, but I love loads of stuff with motors in them !

They make lots of stuff for the sbc engines 5.7 (350) !

Yes, mine was a LT4 (5.7 pushrod). Certainly sounded mean :slight_smile: That’s about all I remember :slight_smile:

Yes sir, guess these were the engines in the 95-96 Corvettes/Camaros & such if I remember well.

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This is the closest I’ve had to a car conversation in like 2 decades or so :slight_smile:

An Xfce desktop would probably be easiest. The xfce4-taskbar can be made to resemble the Windows taskbar easy enough. Plugins for volume control etc …

If you go the openbox route, tint2 is also pretty easy to set up - check the tint2 thread for examples..

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So you’re suggesting xfce on AL, am I correct? Have others done that here? Somehow I always thought of AL as openbox/dwm/bspwm/i3 etc. Course I could install xfce …

Is that gnome, or do you have Ubuntu set up for dwm as well?


Both @philT and @xstefen have some nice Xfce setups you can view in the screenshot threads.

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Its GNOME 3. Not dwm. Also, I ran into a problem—since i wasn’t using ubuntu, I did not upgrade it, and now support for it has run out (it’s not the LTS version). So I cannot install anything more on it easily anyhow.

lol, I have lots of car-related conversations almost all year long in real life, but mostly only talkings.

As for @PackRat s suggestion, it s pretty good, completely forgot about XFCE.

I do have some interest still in military mechanized vehicles. Purely academic, I am not ex-military or anything like that. My son will join the military soon though.