Used Crunchbang! long ago....and miss it


Sneaky devils…


I use Lineage on my Nexus 6. My iPhone is my day to day phone. I just have the Nexus to keep in touch with Androids changes.


This is why I won’t use Apple products:


And if you think that it’s just happening in China, think again.


I don t have any personally, but my boss supplies me with an iPad, those that means he can track me everywhere ! I don t care, used to it when driving big trucks.


I just keep my old 72Gb SCSI drives spinning… And I need no more!
Archlabs is a fine distro, with your background you should’nt expect any troubles.


Well…I loaded it. But I picked my T430 vs my T530, mainly because I couldn’t put Archlabs on my old T42, which saddened me. (I love the keyboard and the thing looks new. I put antiX on it yesterday. Seriously–the only reason I keep the T42 is for the keyboard, lol.)

I had troubles, but most were operator headspace at 2 a.m. I’m just too old to install a new OS at 2 a.m. I kept forgetting to hit the space bar on my selections.

The only real issue that popped up on occasion was that the install would dropp out and give me initcpio errors. (?) I just re-ran the archlabs-installer and went through the process again, and all was fine.