USB tethering not working with android

I can transfer files with my android phone, but USB tethering is greyed out, stating there is no USB connection. I use outdated Android 4.4.2. Any ideas?

use androi 4.03 with a samsung2, how do you connect via usb from your smartphone?
me from another → settings → mass storage → attack the ubs and I click connect.
What smartphone do you use?

Do you have android mtp installed on your computer?

Hello @sevenday4
does it exist?

[don@don-pc ~]$ yaourt android
1 extra/gvfs-mtp 1.38.1+9+gd4dab113-2 (gnome) [installed]
    Virtual filesystem implementation for GIO (MTP backend; Android, media 
2 community/android-file-transfer 3.7-2
    Android MTP client with minimalistic UI
3 community/android-tools 9.0.0_r30-2
    Android platform tools
4 community/android-udev 20190114-1
    Udev rules to connect Android devices to your linux box
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I have below installed and works no worries on android lollipop. Have you turned usb debugging on inside the phone?

extra/libmtp 1.1.16-1 [installed]
    Library implementation of the Media Transfer Protocol
community/android-file-transfer 3.7-2 [installed]
    Android MTP client with minimalistic UI

Yes @ector, it does. And as @s7l said in his post, usb debugging needs to be turned on. The following site will give details on how to turn on usb debugging:

How to turn on usb debugging

Probably a silly question but have you connected the device to your computer’s USB port?

My Android device doesn’t let me activate tethering unless the device is actually connected.

Also make sure that the USB cable is data-capable, some only have the charging wires connected.

Note that I don’t have any MTP-related packages on my machine but USB tethering still works just fine:

4: enp0s26u1u2: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN group default qlen 1000
    link/ether 36:f1:6d:78:13:a3 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

This is an Android 9 device though.

How about using the phone as a hotspot? Is that an option for you?

You could try switching to LineageOS, that’s based on Android 8 so might work better (and be more secure):

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Mine doesn’t let me access shit regardless of mtp, etc… :frowning:

Had to install android-file-transfer from the official repos and that let me do the job, far from ideal though, I assumed I’d just be able to

mount XXXX /media/android

# file operations

umount /media/android

But I’m sure the security guys are whincing at that :stuck_out_tongue:

What devices are you using @natemaia?

LG G6 Canadian variant with android 8

I’m guessing that you have developers options engaged and usb debugging on. Hmm… I’m going to have to look into that @natemaia. I’m also guessing that that your processor is most likely exynos… :thinking:

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I did indeed, though I’m fairly sure these aren’t required at all, only thing that should happen is the usb connects, you accept the connection and select usb transfer, and the device should be visible but it’s not. Instead the way that did work for me (which is also what android-file-transfer did) is an ftp connection.

The soc is a snapdragon 821, the cpu is a quad core qualcomm ‘kyro’.

Just thought I’d throw my two cents in though, not really any issue on my end.

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Tethering does not mean file transfer, it refers to sharing the phone’s internet connection:

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Yes, libmtp and gvfs-mtp are installed.

Wiko Lenny - no LineageOS posiible for this crap device, afaik.

Turning USB debugging on doesn’t help.

What I ment is I can easily transfer files via usb, but can’t activate USB tethering, as my fone says there is no usb connected while i can mount mass storage via usb.

@entr0py Yeah sorry, i cant remember if this is actually needed for usb tethering, i dont think it does. So are you trying to tether your mobile internet or the home/public wifi.

I also have a kitkat tablet that is able to usb tether with no issues, usb debuging on or off so unsure why you might be having issues. Maybe put in a post over at xda forums and see if they have an answer?

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A good point @Head_on_a_Stick makes about pluging in usb, i used to have issues with this on my older phone. What i would do is plug in when the system was fully up and you are in graphical user, then plugin and tether, because if i plugged in straight away before boot it would not work. This might be the issue with older android phones.

I do not know why my is connected via usb tethering and wifi and bluetoth, but if I connect via usb-tethering I do not see any icon, if I connect the wifi tethering comes out the hotspot in the connections but I do not understand how it is possible to transfer the files.