USB Mouse and Keyboard not found on USB 3.0

Hey, i tried to plug in my mouse/keyboard into my laptop on an USB 3 Port but nothing happens. The keyboard lights up but then turns off again. A USB Stick works flawlessly and other USB 2.0 ports work fine with the stick, keyboard and mouse. I checked with lsub and the devices are not shown except the Usb drive. Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Greets Kesgorian

Do any other USB3 devices work with the port?

You can check what the kernel is doing by running this command before plugging in the device:

udevadm monitor

The USB Stick is 3.0 i think the mice is too but im not 100% sure. I’ll check what the kernel does

Nothing happens with udevadm monitor
the USB Stick shows some output on the 3.0 port, the keyboard or mice not. On the 2.0 port it shows some output(and it works).

Is the USB3 kernel module loaded?

lsmod | grep xhci

You can also check the output of lsblk -t for more imformation.