USB DAC volume issue

Hi fellow archlabers,

I have a problem with my Sennheiser GSX 1000 USB DAC.
Its a surround USB DAC hooked to my computer, on which i can control volume and some audio settings with some buttons and a volume slider.
Now the problem is, with a tweak (just google sennheiser gsx1000 linux github and you find the gist link) the audio works fine, i get sorround audio, it works.
What bugs me tho is that i cant change the audio from the USB DACs volume slider, as somehow, Linux decided to asign the USBHID driver to the volume slider part. Which means, that in every direction i slide, it always says “VOLUME_DOWN”, no matter if i turn the slider left (for volume up) or right (for volume down)
Now, i tried to reasign this with xinput, but it doesnt works somehow.
I cant get the buttons with xinput somehow, so i got them with EVEMU:

evemu log

As you can see, there are different events configured, but only one (114) gets triggered.

Is there somehow the possibility to change this behaviour?

I thought if i look at the raw data with cat /dev/input… i maybe could create a script which could handle this but i cant see any valuable data… also xev gives me about the same input.

xev log

If someone has an idea, i would be very pleased.

Thanks for your answers and time,

Wonder if PulseAudio s at cause here, if you remove it what it s doing, PNMixer might do the job if it s installed already.

From Terminal, output of inxi -G might also help.

Not an easy one I guess.