Upgrade to latest version dated 10-29-2019

Sorry if this is covered already. I did check the wiki and this forum already. Perhaps my searching skills need improvements.

Anyway, can I just do a sudo pacman -Syyu to upgrade to the latest or do I need to do a fresh install?

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You can do it both ways, up to you @jsluk

As a rolling release you can get the latest packages by just updating.

If you’re running a DE such as xfce, cinnamon, gnome, plasma, etc disregard the rest, a pacman upgrade will get you everything you need.

Updating won’t affect your existing user and configs (please let us know if it does). If that is what you’re interested in then you will need to copy /etc/skel over your existing home eg.

cp -riT /etc/skel $HOME

I would exercise caution though, the above command will prompt you before replacing any files in your home directory but you will lose them if you aren’t careful, I’d do a backup first just in case.

If you just want to check out the new sessions briefly without any affect on your existing setup you can run a live session through the installer using

archlabs-installer -l [session]

Thanks altman and natemaia. I just did a sudo … -Syyu for the upgrade. It appeared all is well. I did not understand the skel command so I did not use it. New user here. My DE is xfce. Does this means I now have xfce 4.14? I think this is the most recent version of xfce. Right?

Yes but not due to anything we did, it has been in the official repos for some time and you’ve likely had it longer than you even realized unless you never update.

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