Updating Discourse

I added it to the forum ages ago but only just enabled it. Definitely better than PM.

I’m interested in any feedback good or bad about the chat feature.


Updated the forum today, any issues please let me know.

One new feature that came with the upgrade:


This can be set in th emain menu under the “Set Custom Status”



Thx for that, there was a little while when the forum didn t work, might/must have been because of the update.

If it was approx 5 minutes ago that would have been me upgrading. Discourse have changed where you upgrade the forum and before running any upgrades didn’t interfere.

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Yeah, I got Error 500 too. All good.


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Now I know it causes an issue, I will do the upgrades at a more convenient time for everyone. Thankfully, the upgrades only take a maximum of 5–10 minutes.

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No worries, I can live with that ! lol

It looks like it s the only time that it happened on my end during a forum update.

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