Updating Discourse

LOL, it took me awhile to understand what’s going on with my browsers. :slight_smile: They both are fucked up enough.

Hahahah, Yeah I thought the lights would have an impact, At least we got some enjoyment out of them :smiley:


It was a minor problem on my main machine, but on the Chromebook it would give 100% CPU usage.

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Lol, that’s why everyone is switching to LED christmas lights now. Those old school ones are resource hogs.


I just updated Discourse to the latest version. Let me know of any issues please.

FF is such a hog recently I personally didn’t notice anything different.

LED is great for consumption :smiley: The cost of them needs to come down a touch more though.

@sammiev called it:


He did indeed :smiley:

Bet that you aren t alone like that @nwg .

I was wondering what it was ! lol

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The forum was updated today, along with the update we are treated to a very irritating nag box.


I’m just looking into how to disable it.

I have done some tweaking with the Solved Plugin, that nagbox should be now dealt with.

Not seeing any issues on my side.


Same thing on my end @Dobbie03

No issues or you’re seeing the nagbox?

What nagbox? No issues here!

This one from a few posts up


Yep, that @Dobbie03

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I’m confused lol. Are you seeing the box or not? :slight_smile:

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Yes sir, I see the box. lol

I’m not seeing it. @altman is there some action on your part that triggers it?

I have another nag box a couple times. Along the lines of “This thread is old” or “This thread has a lot of posts” why not start a new thread. But it’s really intermittent and predates the current discourse update, I think.

I don t remember what it was telling.

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As usual I am in total ignorance. I don’t see anything at all. I had one stout and two bourbon’s to many. @altman is in the ‘final stages’ of anything, he doesn’t remember. @PackRat sees many nagboxes anyway.

@Dobbie03 what did you get us all into? :rofl: