Updating ArchLabs 2018.05

Thank you for providing ArchLabs 2018.05. Have been playing/working with it for a couple of days now : very nice iso.

Updating the above mentioned live iso is not possible.
When booting I get the message that more than 10 new packages are available but “sudo pacman -Syu” returns:
:: Starting full system upgrade…
there is nothing to do

Would like to stress that I am using the live iso installed on a usb stick. No full install on hard disk yet.

Anything I can do?

If i understand it correctly( my mother language isn`t english), you dont have installed the system? You run only the live iso? Then you cant update. You have first install the iso to your hdd or ssd. Then update. (If i understand you correctly)

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Thank you for promt reply.
Yes, your understanding is correct. For the time being I am only running the live iso.
ArchLabs 2018.05 is the first live iso which doesn’t allow me to update. And there is space enough : cow_spacesize=1G.
Is there no option I can set / change so I can upgrade?


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Mmmmh… I dont know. Probably I am wrong, that you cant update a live iso. I think it is time to ask one who have more experience.@nate @Dobbie03

Thank you anyway!

Yes maybe the people you know may help…

Have a nice day!

Hello, I am not the expert here, but I can tell you that, if for live iso you mean the iso file written in an usb stick (bootable), it cannot be updated.
Nevermind upgrade to the latest AL.
If you have your system installed on the usb (persistant install) it can be updated, but only with specific settings. Never tried a persisent install of arch OS so I can’t be more specific.
Please note that even if the live iso on usb performs updates, usually they are lost on as soon as you shutdown the machine.
Of course there’s always the possibility that I could be wrong, in this case I am sorry for wasting your time.

You can definitely update the live iso

Hello @nauliza

You are correct, you should be able to update the live session, it wont be preserved across reboots but you can just put the pc to sleep etc.

Would it be possible to get you to try once more?

pacman -Syyu

The extra -y will force re-download the pkg databases even if they seem up to date, I can’t imagine why it would think you are up to date unless the package database is stuck behind

If this indeed doesnt work I’ll do some testing to find out whats up, last time I checked I could update in the live session without issue.

UPDATE: I’ve found what is going on, the init script that sets up pacman is running an update in the background, the update checker runs before this, so you will still get a notification, however the system is up to date.

This is actually not good, later in the iso’s life there will be too many packages to be updated with 1G cowspace, I’ll have to push a hotfix for this today.

Thank you for bringing this to attention @nauliza

Cheers, Nate


Sorry guys, I should have checked before posting. Straight to my corner of shame, I guess…


Same for me… Iam in the corner of shame too. :frowning:
It seems i should only do the things that i can do: Ricing and posting screenshots…


@pippo @subjunkie hey, on the upside, you may not have been accurate in your but at least you took the time to reply. :slight_smile: and no harm was caused.


The only way any of us learn is by being wrong, I’m no different so I wouldn’t worry if I was you, all is well



OK. Thank you for your nice words. But in the future i will use my brain a little bit more! Have a nice day! (Night)


Gentlemen, wish to thank all of you.

@pippo subjunkie and Dobbie03 for taking their time to reply.
And @nate for resolving the problem.
This morning I found out that 17 packages were to be updated. But when I tried to update (pacman -Syy; pacman -Su) I found those packages were already in “/var/cache/pacman/pkg”.
So if fully agree with @nate : “pacman is running an update in the background.”
Waiting for a patch?

To all of you : thank you.


We all make mistakes, guys. But it is by our mistakes that sometimes leads to a break through. Look at Thomas Edison, most of his experiments were failures, but eventually led to success. And at least you know what is not the answer that led to the right answer. Try coding where you make no errors all the time. NOT POSSIBLE! So no shame, just gain. Now I will get off my soapbox. :grin: