Updates to Forum Rules and Getting Started


I have made some updates and changes to the forum rules. Hope it doesn’t seem like there are too many!
Please familiarise yourself with them.

Also updated the getting started with ArchLabs post.

If anyone has anything they would liked added please let me know.


The next time you will have some free time, you could add some background to the header and body in the ArchLabs Light theme. Due to my vision defect I can’t read bright letters on a dark background, so the only theme I can use here is the mentioned above, and it’s just white. :slight_smile:


Not a problem. Could you please PM me with a colour scheme that suits your vision and I will make a new theme up. It will probably be an ongoing WIP until we get it right.


@Dobbie03 - many thanks for adding the CVD-friendly theme!


Happy to help my friend,