Update warnings

Pakete (5) appstream-0.15.5-1 imagemagick- netpbm-10.73.37-2 openpmix-4.2.0-1 python-setuptools-1:62.3.0-1

Gesamtgröße des Downloads: 7,70 MiB
Gesamtgröße der installierten Pakete: 32,90 MiB
Größendifferenz der Aktualisierung: 0,42 MiB

:: Installation fortsetzen? [J/n]
:: Pakete werden empfangen …
appstream-0.15.5-1-x86_64 2,2 MiB 691 KiB/s 00:03 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
netpbm-10.73.37-2-x86_64 1265,6 KiB 366 KiB/s 00:03 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
openpmix-4.2.0-1-x86_64 857,9 KiB 233 KiB/s 00:04 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
python-setuptools-1:62.3.0-1-any 574,2 KiB 155 KiB/s 00:04 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
imagemagick- 2,8 MiB 632 KiB/s 00:05 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
Gesamt (5/5) 7,7 MiB 1607 KiB/s 00:05 [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(5/5) Schlüssel im Schlüsselbund werden geprüft [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(5/5) Paket-Integrität wird überprüft [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(5/5) Paket-Dateien werden geladen [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(5/5) Auf Dateikonflikte wird geprüft [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(5/5) Verfügbarer Festplattenspeicher wird ermittelt [-------------------------------------------] 100%
:: Paketänderungen werden verarbeitet …
(1/5) Aktualisiert wird appstream [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(2/5) Aktualisiert wird imagemagick [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(3/5) Aktualisiert wird netpbm [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(4/5) Aktualisiert wird openpmix [-------------------------------------------] 100%
(5/5) Aktualisiert wird python-setuptools [-------------------------------------------] 100%
:: Post-transaction-Hooks werden gestartet …
(1/3) Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate…
(2/3) Updating the appstream cache…

** (appstreamcli:15965): WARNING **: 16:07:26.699: Found icon of unknown type ‘unknown’ in ‘system/flatpak/flatpak/cc.nift.nsm/*’, skipping it.

** (appstreamcli:15965): WARNING **: 16:07:26.699: Found icon of unknown type ‘unknown’ in ‘system/flatpak/flatpak/cc.nift.nsm/*’, skipping it.
:heavy_check_mark: Metadaten-Zwischenspeicher wurde erfolgreich aktualisiert.
(3/3) Warn about old perl modules

What doesthat mean?

cu, stephan

You’re using flatpaks? What apps are they? Might be best to check the developers page.

Also, how come you are using Flatpaks? Were the apps you needed not in the AUR?


I wasn t aware that it could be used on Arch distros.

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Just noticed that link @volkmannold as for the 3rd warning . Hope it can be of any help;


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Sure @altman … you can use flatpaks in Arch. Some prefer them to AUR. If you trust the source, they’re bubblewrapped similar to containers.

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They can be safely ignored, just icon mismatch or oddities with the package.


As far as I know, no flatpaks at all,
But I don’t know how to find them on the system.

In the following updates the warning did not appear, it seems that everything disappeared into thin air.

Thanks for your help

cu, stephan

What are the apps?

You can search here or you can use baph -s application-name or yay application-name.

You must have flatpaks or something flatpak related to incur those warnings. I don’t use flatpaks and I don’t get those errors.

I have a Directori: /etc/flatpak/remotes.d/ within flathub.flatpakrepo - File

therein something like:

[Flatpak Repo]
Comment=Central repository of Flatpak applications
Description=Central repository of Flatpak applications
GPGKey=mQI …

No Idea where it comes from…


i have actually found flatpaks, chromium and vlc.

Removed both, now install vlc-git, which is not an app…

when removing chromium the error message popped up, dependencies with nwg… discovered…

Since I use chrome, and not chromium I should be flatpack free now…

The story with nwg I look at later.

cu, stephan