Update to Dunst

Anyone else have an update to Dunst today? Are your changes in dunstrc now being ignored?

Sorted, it is a real pain in the arse. They have changed the geometry settings and now the keyboard shortcuts no longer work.

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Fuck this, now my mpd scripts aren’t working with dunst. Why do people need to feel like they need to change shit up?

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Lemme guess…


Pretty much.

Oh well, downgrade and ignore dunst it is.

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Yeah I did that with rofi. Matter of fact, I may have to do that with dunst lulz.

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@Dobbie03 maybe it’s time to migrate to herbe?

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I’ve been playing with herbe and I have no idea what I am doing there.

Now my mpd script has stopped working fullstop, fuck this.


Sorry bout your rough patch. I don’t like or really use notifications so cant say. Just brainstorming for you.

I’m wondering if it is the update to mpd from earlier today? Conky has decided to no longer show album art as well.

That’s a good triag.

Yeah, nah, that wasn’t it either. So irritating, they are such minor parts of my daily usage but I just want them to work.

Is conky working though??

It displays the album information but not the album art.

Dunst just doesn’t work full stop with ncmpcpp/mpd.

Shit, does it basically just do a pop up on when a song starts?

Edit: is that what it use to do?

Yeah on every song. It was just a handy thing to have.

Running the script in the terminal doesn’t give any feedback either.

Yeah seems like this release shook a lot of stuff up.

The script in the terminal should put something in stdout. Might not be dunst.


I also never really figured out how to use “herbe” as an alternative to “dunst” and the like. Really freaked out at times…

Same with “tiramisu”.

@cog, thanks for the ideas man. I’m working through them.

@subjunkie yeah it just seems to me to be overly complicated, though I think I am missing something glaringly obvious.

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