Unzip not working


Unzip is installed. When I want to open a file with unzip, the file is announced corrupted so, no opening…
Thanks for the help.

is unrar also installed?

Yes, unrar is here.

Where did you get the file? If it’s a corrupted download, or the original compression went bad, it will not unzip.

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I got the same message with other files (from different senders)

Any way to verify the downloads? For example, ask the sender to create a checksum, etc

Did you try xarchiver?


It works with xarchiver.
It does not tell me why it does not work with unzip (deleted then reinstalled …)
Thank you

What was the file name? Apparently unzip can have problems if there are spaces - “my file.zip” v. myfile.zip.

No, the file name is ok.

You will need to make sure you have file-roller installed and if you use Thunar you will need thunar-archive-plugin as well.

It’s OK. :grin: