Unpopular Opinion

What’s an opinion that you have that most people disagree with?

Keep it clean and leave the usual suspects (politics and religion) out of it.

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My unpopular opinion that no one else seems to share;

  • St Anger by Metallica is a brilliant album, super underrated.

another unpopular Metallica Opinion

  • Load and Reload are also equally brilliant albums. So many good riffs and classic Metallica songs that just aren’t appreciated due to the first four over shadowing everything else.

I’m out then.


I don’t think this is politics or religion but if a zealot got ahold of it could be spun that way…

I think a major factor of the people that have been protesting and rioting in my country has been because they haven’t been working and have been on unemployment. Not saying anything about the cause or result, or beliefs. I just think it wouldn’t be possible if you were working full time.

This year I’ve been working my ass off and haven’t had time to protest or riot even if I wanted to.

Just saying I think that is a big piece of the mechanics of what’s been going on.

Not sure if that is an unpopular opinion. As I agree as do all my workmates, this is something we have discussed at length. :smiley:

Here is another one for you, Apple are a bad company. They openly milk their users and their users beg for more.

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+1 on the Apple opinion. I think they plan obsolescence just to take advantage of their users.

Edit: maybe our Unpopular opinions are sometimes popular on these forums cuz we’re kind of similar and are drawn to the same niche communities.

Yeah you are probably right, though I like to think the majority of humanity thinks like us and it’s the minority that we are hearing from.

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My next one will probably have to do with fishing or tourist that have been invading our community up here.

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Microsoft’s delving into Linux is not a good thing.

It might seem like this isn’t an unpopular opinion but from what I have read over the last few weeks with Edge being available as well as MS Calculator and the WSL system, it seems that a lot of Linux users are embracing MS’s new love of Linux.

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I think the GPL on the GNU stack and kernel prevent them from taking “all our base”. It might be good if MS rebased windows and all their shit on Linux. Something like how red hat has done. That would be a clear picture and something digestible. All that seems to go on now is just muddying the waters.

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LOL, you mean real life? I prefer Linux to Windows, Android phones to Apple, coding to watching TV.

On this honest forum: GUI to CLI.

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Unpopular in Real Life™: I absolutely hate football (or “soccer” for the foreigners), it bores me to tears.

Unpopular here: I really like Hip-Hop & Grime music :slight_smile:

Oh, and I quite like Microsoft’s Edge browser, using it now :clown_face:


HoaS - to the naughty corner with you! Go!

To each their own.

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@Head_on_a_Stick wins the thread. What’s the prize?

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One of these, I only have a few so it has to be something special for it to be handed out…


I was thinking into add something, but after I’ve read this, I was forced to throw the towel lol

I vote @Head_on_a_Stick for the win!

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  • I’ve always hated sugar on coffee and still don’t understanding (to this day) why people do it :woozy_face:

    ps: but i respect those who lovet it… Who am I to talk :poop: about how people should drink their coffees? LoL

  • Most folks say they love to think, but I think most people I know would prefer rather die than learn how to think logically and critically. Ps: I might be wrong on this too :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  • I believe the Arch way of installing is archaic, overrated and an unnecessary waste of time. Thankfully, there’s Archlabs! :metal: :sunglasses:

  • I think that the argument: “there are no truths, only interpretations…” is an argument of “truth” in itself LoL


Tomorrow I have to recommend a cooperation tool for my organization, and it’s going to be MS Teams.

@nwg how’s teams on wayland??

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I don’t care what anyone else says, I think Android sucks ass. I spent way too much time flashing ROMs because Samsung’s UI looks and functions like ass, AOSP ROMs are bug laden, and the only way to properly use Android is to root it, and for what? Shitty Play Store apps?

I bought an iPhone and they still retain value over that shite Samsung crap. I am still on my 8+, it works fine, iOS is way more minimal than Android, I always have to remind “Android Guy” that it’s a fukken phone and I buy Apple because I can afford it, it saves me more time and money in the long run, while Android Guy is bricking hardware and has to upgrade devices either to get the latest Android update, or devs at XDA abandoned the only ROM that worked.