High, gods of making archlinux nice and pretty,

On my Birthday ( 26.05.1960 ), i installed 2022.02.12, and catastrophic happends.

My Desktops on PC, Zenbook, Thinkpad, EeePc, Rasbpi3+ etc., “heir mutual inspiration got lost”

They shows no Archlabs Linux Logo Icon on lower right bottom attached to the set “Archlabs Minimo”.

That design was great for my Soul, whenever i seen this, i going Lucky…

What happends, for years i do brave my pacli in terminal, typing 1 + return, sometimes things stopped on screen, i hit return, then in may 2022 minimo dies, so i am landing on 2022.02.12.

Ok, now i have day for day do “pacman -Syu”, no problem, you will that we enjoy this way…

Men, i know you live with hobbits and kiwis,
but can you invest a little bit of time,
doing an icon at right bottom with a little set for us please?

cincerly stephan


How did you do that? Did you go back in time to do an install?

Are you wanting a wallpaper that is similar to the one from the Minimo days?

P.S. my birthday is the 25th May.

Sry, my English is very Rusty, last teching was in 1978, now i google advised by some words etc. to comunicate with you in NewSealang…

“Are you wanting a wallpaper that is similar to the one from the Minimo days?”
That, exactly that, your my Personal HERO if that happens!!!

“P.S. my birthday is the 25th May.”
Oh my Goodness, Your not alone, you are a “Zodiac Gemini” , practically Two Persons in one like me, yust one day difference, great.
Me is burn on 5.00 in the mornig, but you are not a` 1960tis…?

ok, going now, with Nils, my Mops, and Pepper, my Australien Sheppard, feeding animals,(Chicken, Cats, Horses).

cu, stephan

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Use deepl for translation. Work like a charm. (Nutze doch DEEPL für Übersetzungen. Funktioniert einwandfrei.)


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There are some in this thread; especially the early posts.

but when i going using deepl, thats not longer truly my own words what you read…

Looks like translations aren t accurate &/or makes any sense some times.

Sorry, that was not a deepl translated sentence, but from my memory. what you read now is from deepl, great tip, the program translates really great in real time, you see me amazed.
It seems C64/ Commodore Amiga times are long gone

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There is a large and growing crowd of C= users and prices for hardware are through the roof. There is a large selection of modern hardware to enhance the C=. My first non kit computer was a Vic 20.

My first contact with PC was a box from the USA in 1982, content was an Apple II in “parts”. I was only a car mechanic at that time.
A professor from the university in Karlsruhe built a program for us to create car rental contracts with a 9 dot matrix printer.

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Oh my god, this is crazy, deepl has its headquarters not far from my residence, and learn the program from a fellow citizen 18000 km away know.

Lol, always like that mate.

It’s almost midnight here (23:24), is it really breakfast time next morning for you?
we lag as sauerkraut eaters really half a day behind?

Almost 5:30 PM where I am .

You might not be far from Berlin then or not @volkmannold

Oh, if Wikipedia s/ Google Translate right you re in Lower Saxony right !

Newtown at the Runcle Mountains (Neustadt am Rübenberge),

expressed with german civil servant rationality:
52.50302803064269, 9.448592742135723


Hey cool ! Thx for that, we learn something everyday !

By the way…

This New Zealand where you live is in the middle of the ocean.
how do you get what you need there, food, computers, medicine.
The things you need in civilisation nowadays?

I live in Canada mate, as it might be 24 hour difference so to speak real quick as it is 6:00PM where I am.

Oh, it s 10:00 AM tomorrow in Wellington NZ. Just learned something else.

Wow, it s late where you are @volkmannold

the guys from seti-germany.de just sent me the link :

we have tomorrow:
PrimeGrid’s 2022 Challenge Series
Pi Approximation Day Challenge
Jul 22 22:00:00 to Jul 25 21:59:59 (UTC)

and we were not sure exactly when in germany is exactly “Jul 22 22:00:00 (UTC)”