Unified color themeing

im not sure if different color themeing is part of AL’s releases, but this could be a nice concept that gives unified color theme to openbox, tint2, dunst notfication and other modules.

(of course im not specifically talking about random wallpaper and themese there, just the concept of using one theme set and the modules will apply base to it.)

polybar can also read colors using xrdb so that too can have similar color theme.

polybar sample config:
;background = ${xrdb:color0}
background = #00000000
background-alt = #444
foreground = ${xrdb:color7}
;foreground = #dfdfdf
foreground-alt = #555
primary = ${xrdb:color3}
;primary = ${xrdb:color3}
secondary = ${xrdb:color5}
;secondary = #e60053
alert = #bd2c40
col = #00f
;fg = ${xrdb:color7}
;bg = ${xrdb:color2}


Sounds like a cool concept i’m sure a few folks here may put it to the test.

Seems interesting.

Take a look in the Void screenshot thread. There is a user named Anachronguy (I think) that has developed a script that will do this as well. Pretty sure he has published it to his git page.