Unable to use keyboard when booted into ArchLabs

I am trying to install ArchLabs but when I boot into ArchLabs and see this screen,

I am unable to use my keyboard at all :confused:

I tried connecting to another keyboard and I have tried connecting to different USB ports, nothing works.

SOLVED! it turns out that even though I did try out many USB ports (as my PC has many USB ports) but not all so I assumed something was not working right, later on I tried other USB port that I did not try and it did work.

Are the other ports broken? Or is it a missing configuration?

They all work fine, that is when it is booted into any operating system, only when see that screen then I have to connect to that specific port I have no idea why, the same issue happened with Manjaro, this could be a bug with Arch Linux that is affecting all distros.

Anything related with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ?

You likely have some form of fast boot/quick boot enabled.

Not sure exactly if it is the issue, but this usually does lazy initialize USB devices. Try getting into your BIOS and disabling it. Sometimes they offer multiple types, one of them being enable quick boot but fully initialize external devices, feel free to try this if your motherboard manufacturer provides it.

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I don’t know whether your post was actually read by the OP but I’m willing to bet you’re exactly right.

I only have USBs 2.0 no USB 3.0 so no idea what that one port works only on that screen :thinking:

Last time I checked I don’t have any quick boot options enabled. However on Windows, I did set up Plop boot manager so through that I booted into ArchLabs via USB connection as my BIOS does not support USB booting. I have a GIGABYTE motherboard, maybe I have missed this setting I will have to see.