Unable to see applications GUI/frontend

I was Switched back and forth between apps in normal usage but once in a while it happens that i can’t see the program, in alt+tab mode i can switch to the app but i only see wallpaper. Although the app works fine, takes input as usual, i was able to see right click menu in chrome, but not anything else. I eventually had to restart the apps.
Happened in chrome and vlc, yet.
This has happened twice in 2 days. Also I’m using the latest build (probably) installed it just 2 days ago.

@ANiK3T I am maybe asking a silly question, could it be you may be switching desktops without realizing it?

no, since i was able to see right click context menu of chromium, but not chromium itself. I’ll make sure to take a screenshot next time that happens.

I’m just trying to picture this. A screenshot would be helpful. This sounds bizarre.


I see (don’t see?) what you mean. Have you tried uninstalling chromium and then reinstalling? Since this happens randomly, I am wondering if chromium was configured correctly.

I’d delete the chromium folder in ~/.config/ as well. Reinstall.

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Good catch @Dobbie03, sometimes I forget about that.

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