Unable to install AL on a nvme drive, error during install


I’m I’m doing very basic install on a nvme drive just 3 partitions: (boot, root, home). I already checked my bios settings don’t have nvme set into raid mode.

For boot-loader I am using systemdboot, haven’t tried grub. I’m getting an error and boot loader doesn’t seem to install at all, so I can’t even see the nvme if I spam F12 while booting up

The error states the following:

File system "/dev/block/259:1" is not on a GPT partition table.

Not sure what this means, but my /boot partition is properly formatted. And then when I press [Enter] it follows up with some more error stuff, same stuff which I found from other threads regarding nvme installs.

I thought that AL installer knew how to handle nvmes by default in 2022, doesn’t look that way?

I mean the drive itself works just fine, but I’d love to use it as my primary system drive with AL installed on it :stuck_out_tongue:

:nerd_face: of course it does handle NVME drives; I’ve only installed it over the last years on my NVME. Don’t know what exactly is the issue. But I assume you did your own partioning and sth went wrong there? Searching with your error delivered this link from Archlinux: [solved] Stuck in installation of bootloader / Installation / Arch Linux Forums



Have you checked with lshw (or similar) if the drive is recognized?
Did you partition with AL-installer or with other application?

A live distro should probably come in handy.


Ok, the problem was precisely what the error says xD even though partition was formatted properly (vfat for boot) it was not GPT, but dos.

I use fdisk, but forgot this step to set the disk label to GPT. And if it is dos, then for some reason you are only able to create 4 partitions, but 128 partitions with gpt. With fdisk you can type m to list all commands, or just type g :slight_smile: this is what sets the drive as gpt!

There was no other issues and it installed perfectly, in fact I have seen this problem before even with regular ssd lol.


Glad that you got it fixed @Sorcerer . Props to @Peppe for the help.

Great it helped! Happy sailing :wink: