Unable to boot, not even from live usb


I just encountered a strange issue. My computer is unable to boot, even from a live usb.

When I push the start button it gets stuck in a black screen. The fan starts turning more than usual, but nothing else happens.

I then try entering the boot menu to boot from a live usb, but ends up with the same black screen as before, fan starts turning as before.

I did run a few updates yesterday, not sure if it could be related.
A month ago I inserted an extra stick of 2gb ram, giving me 4gb in total which worked without problems. I just tried booting with one stick at the time, in case one of them had given up, but that changed nothing.
I also tried swapping back to my old original battery, which also made no difference (can’t see why it would).

The computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad x200s with a brand new Solid State Drive working great for more than a month. I haven’t tried booting from my old hard drive since I am nervous I might loose my files.

Is there someone who has experienced this before? Any ideas for other thing I could try?


This is as far as I get…on the picture my hardware is listed.

No beeps? Just a black screen?
I would reseat the RAM for starters. Sometimes heat causes chip-creep


No beeps, no cursor, no error message. Just a blank screen.
Reseating the RAM didn’t help, I tried them one at a time and changing places…

Is there only one storage drive installed?

Is there only one OS installed?

If possible could you upload an image of the ‘Startup’ section of your BIOS and the Make/Model of the computer.

Apologies I don’t have any suggestions yet,

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I agree - normally one would at least hope to hear beeps if there was an issue with hardware. But whats seems interesting, you get bios screen but nothing after the fact. That being said;
If I compare what you are seeing to what I saw on a desktop - I might say you have an issue with a power supply. That happened to me when the proper power wasn’t being supplied to the system. I could boot to bios but nothing beyond that. For a laptop; I don’t know if it would be you actual external power supply or not. To check for certain, can you boot up any other media such as a DVD or some media that has another OS on it?

But focusing only on what I see on the screen, are you sure the UUID is for the new drive that installed? Baring that - you might be better served putting the old drive in and see if it boots. If so, you may be on to something with the new drive

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Thank you for your responses!

It only has one drive with one OS.

I tried resetting the BIOS both through the menu and manually through unplugging and replugging the CMOS. That didn’t change anything.

Booting from my old HDD didn’t either.
I did find a tiny piece of aluminium folie stuck in the slot which was removed before trying the HDD (how the h did it get there!??!).

I tried the HDD a couple of times with same outcome but was suddently presented with the Intel® Boot Agent (which seems to show up when no hardware is registered as bootable). Choosing the ‘save and exit’ lead back to the blank screen now with one beep. According to Lenovo support pages that indicates a problem with the LCD connector, external CRT or the system board.

I now believe this is a hardware problem that I might have made worse through trying to fix it myself. What a shame, I really like that computer.

Well - if this a laptop and you have an external monitor, plug it in then boot. If by chance the external monitor wont activate via the laptop, then yeah - you probably have a system board issue, If the external monitor allows you to see everything and the system boots to the OS, then you may only have a backlight (screen) issue. Of course, if you are not sure of your abilities to troubleshoot the hardware (and there are plenty of folks that are uneasy doing so) get it looked at by a pro.

Replacing the backlight isn’t a terribly difficult job but, research is required to determine the type of backlight you need. Then of course there is the whole ebay or vendor purchase process.

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Yes I will try an external monitor when I get the chance, and get someone more experienced to look at it.

Meanwhile I have bought a new (old) one.

Should I mark the thread closed even though I didn’t resolve the problem?

Thanks for your inputs - I appreciate it!

That’s up to you. You could based on you getting another device. But if you feel you will know one way or another in the next week or two - you could just leave it as is with a note stating that it is pending further testing.

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Jepp! So I’ll close the thread but hoping to get the old machine back to life some day. Will seek help elsewhere for that.
Thanks for now.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you @Signe