Unable to access database - therefore not updating


I’m trying to run an update because its been a little while (maybe 3 weeks?). When I go to run the script using the auto option in the menu bar, it fails. I ran aurman -Syyu in the terminal and it says it failed to unlock any of the databases. I’m not sure why this is. Would there be something wrong in the config file?

If someone has a minute to walk me through this, I would appreciate it!

If you need further output, please let me know what commands and I will share the output. aurman --sync went without a hitch.



Hi there.

What script are you referring to? What database do you mean?

Aurman hasn’t been included in AL since the last release. Install yay from the AUR and use that for AUR packages. Or use baph with baph -u


That explains a lot. Its the script that runs when I click the you need to update bar. It still runs aurman I think. Which command would I use to install yay?

I’m trying to get the output here but aurman -Syyu is the command that runs when I click on the update option and then it says it was unable to do a list of pacman associated functions.


Why are you using aurman over pacman? Just use pacman -Syu

Update any AUR packages with Baph baph -u


If you do not have baph installed (if you are on an older AL version for instance), you porbably still have aurman installed.

Anyway, pacman -Syu should at least update from the regular repositories.
Try to get Baph or Yay from the AUR to update AUR packages as well.

edit: for the aurman launch from polybar, it’s somewhere in the polybar modules, under packages or updates or something. Just replace aurman -Syyu by whatever you want :slight_smile:


Remove aurman if you still have it
If you want to use yay do as it’s said here: https://github.com/Jguer/yay
Do that in ~

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/yay.git
cd yay
makepkg -si

Then remove aurman using yay or pacman
yay -R aurman

And after that look at the good module inside .config/polybar/modules.conf
You will see pkg, and inside there is the command, replace the part with aurman by baph or yay -Syu