Uh-oh duck duck go secure?

Has anyone else seen this:

It doesn’t seem like any web platform is safe. At least in this context. :flushed:


Yes, should note that the guy being interviewed is from Yippy - a competitor search engine; OAN should have pointed that out. I think he also says that Google would be receiving the information from those cookies, but duckduckgo is hosted on Amazon servers, so more likely they (and their CIA clients) would get any information being released (assuming it is).

Still, not good for duckduckgo.


Doesn t surprise me at all sadly, thx for the info @sevenday4

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It s why I use swisscows, till it s the same as the other ones I guess.


And DDG… My concerns about privacy as well as functionality led me to use startpage. I just hope there won’t be any scandal about it in the future!

You have startpage set up to use non-US servers?

I’ve been using swisscows lately - takes over the firefox start page which is a bit annoying, but the results are good.

Taking a long look at peekier lately.

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startpage ftw!

The “news” article is a bit strange though, it starts out by describing Google’s filter bubble but then talks about whether DDG is truly anonymous, which isn’t really the same thing at all. Even if DDG does engage in tracking (which they deny) that doesn’t imply they use a filter bubble to skew search results.

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To add swisscows to your FF browser;


Yes that was one of the things I set up when I first used startpage. I know this may be not the most secure solution however I needed Google’s indexing functionality for research so this was my only solution.
Never heard of peekier or swisscows though.

Got SwissCows for a while & love it, but to each his own I guess, anyways, if one doesn t like it after a while one can search with other engines as well. Startpage s pretty good also as stated above

Use Dogpile also sometimes. But I ve read that it night not be as good as it s stating, guess that I wont recommend it.

Qwant s good also;



Been trying Peekier as well lately as well as SwissCows which is my 2 main search engines now.

Thx for the headup above fellas.


I’ve been testing out some others as well.

Tested searX - Really good; used it before but it would sometimes return results in Dutch ( I assume it was Dutch and not German since they’re based in the Netherlands). Hasn’t been doing that this time.

Now checking out Gibiru - so far so good.

Plenty of alternatives out there.

Yep , been using searcX as well in the past, wonder why I haven t stick with it, never had issues with it.

Might try out Gibiru , never heard about it , or don t remember about it.

Lol, oddly enough had it in my bookmarks.


I think if you want serious anonymity your screwed. The web really doesn’t function well without cookies and JavaScript. If you had in one place they will track you somewhere else. All you can really do is minimize or operate under a completely false identity.


Unfortunately @TimApple, you’re correct although a good vpn will help in protecting where you are, but not your identity. Once you’re open to a site, a way is opened to your machine and potentially to any information on your machine.

I usually get rid of the cookies & such

It is really shocking.

You bet, when you think you saw everything !

Wow, I didn’t suspect DDG at all.

I am going to change from DDG to Google now. I prefer the known devil over the unknown one.

It s what I use @Quantum_Sniper_007