Anyone checked out the new release? I’ll try it out one of these days but probably only in the live environment.

X&Lubuntu. Ubuntu doesn’t run well on my older PC. X&L are flawless.

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The feedback I have seen has been super positive regarding the main release.

I tested out Ubuntu Mate and was underwhelmed. A lot of the system applications kept crashing including their menu.

Xubuntu is still rock solid, especially since a lot of their default apps were switched with lighter counterparts.

I seriously miss Gnome2 and I know MATE is meant to be the “replacement” but it is missing something that makes me not want to use it.


I couldn’t help myself yesterday. I didn’t install it, just tried USB live.

jgmenu played very well with the panel - better than with unity in fact.


Yes - gnome2 was ace!


Man, jgmenu looks good there.

I’ve played around with Ubuntu Budgie. Have to say it’s probably my favorite of the bunch now.

I’m not a fun of the Budgie environment. It doesn’t do much for me.

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I’m not either Matt and I may need to eat crow here, cuz haven’t played around with Budgie for a while but why in 2018 cant they figure out how to span the panel across two monitors? That oversight alone serioisly irks my fuzz.

It really does look like it belongs there @malm


Default Ubuntu (based on Gnome) responds lot more faster than Unity (16.04). Same with Xubuntu as well, was faster to respond & continues to be lightweight. The biggest plus is the Minimal installation option. Literally takes out all the extra software and leaves one with a basic OS. To me this is the biggest highlight/win of the release. Didn’t try the other flavors, but might look into Kubuntu.

Possible changes, new installer (Electron / HTML5)

Lists.Ubuntu: Mark Shuttleworth - Ubiquity NG

They are trying to use curtain for easier installation. That sounds intriguing, but does it take control of your hdd or sdd like Windows does, or are you allowed to partition your drive your way. :thinking:

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If this really is implemented it should look like Windows, some partitions will be created automatically but the “home” should be of free choice

Anyone here that have tested the coming Ubuntu Gnome LTS release 22.04?

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I haven’t but I’ll try xubuntu 22.04 beta when it drops. I’ve got a soft spot for xubuntu.

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xubuntu was one of the first of many that I tried. Would likely still be there if the mod with a donkey avatar wasn’t so much of an ass. He certainly picked the correct avatar !


Am thinking of giving it a go with a test install, that´s why I wondered. Still a bit early days for me I think, maybe a little bit closer to the beta release March 31.

There is something called UI Freeze (user interface and desktop artwork and appearance will come to standstill) the 17th of March which will be a good place to aim for.

Have been messing around a bit with the 21.10 release and so far it as been a positive experience for me. Ok, feels a bit awkward to use Ubuntu after all these years again, and some of the more modern design solutions and looks of the UI can be a bit irritating yes, but all in all a more pleasant and comfortable ride than expected.

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I tried lmde 5 beta a couple days ago and found it really good as an appliance/ turnkey traditional desktop experience. Think there is something to be said for those projects.