Tweaking Rofi + drun?


Good Day,

  1. I am trying to tweak a rofi theme that looks like drun, but with a different theme.
    What I would like to do is add a line at the bottom of the drun window with a particular colour. I am assuming the tweak will happen in the #window section?

  2. How do I make drun ignore app descriptions, so that Rofi only lists app names?

Here is my config and screenshot of my current config:

 * ROFI Color theme
 * User: fatboy
* {
    background-color:      #2F343F;
    border-color:          #2AFFBF	;
    text-color:           White;
    font:            "Ubuntu 11";

configuration {

#window {
    anchor:     north;
    location:   north;
    width:      100%;
    padding:    4px;
    children:   [ horibox ];

#horibox {
    orientation: horizontal;
    children:   [ prompt, entry, listview ];

#listview {
    layout:     horizontal;
    spacing:    5px;
    lines:      100;

#entry {
    expand:     false;
    width:      10em;

#element {
    padding: 0px 2px;
#element selected {
    background-color: #2AFFBF;
    text-color:       #4F5B66;

Any help would be appreciated


man rofi

for #2 see -drun-match-fields

for #1 the best idea that comes to mind is using a bottom border to the #window element, this also allows colouring it.


Thanks Nate,
I will look into it