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Hi all,

Happy to admit I am being naff but when I try to create a Polybar style (I put it in the .gorice folder) it just crashes. I have to delet the yaml file to get it to work again. Do you have any guides for making your own Archlabs rices?



I’m not a great expert so take the pliers with my post, but the polybar manages the conf if I remember correctly, it is in /home/.config/polybar/

If you want to make a new gorice theme simply run

gorice edit i3/theme_name

This will make a new theme file called theme_name with all the default settings filled in for you
then you can edit away.


gorice edit i3/current

will edit the current theme regardless

Highly suggest checking out

gorice --help

Upon saving, depending on what WM you are using things should be reloaded autopmatically

If you edit files such as ~/.config/polybar/master.conf , ~/.config/polybar/master.conf.template or any of the other files linked through gorice as templates things likely wont work

Gorice relies on the original file and template copy to be the same aside from values being changed

Here is a small example of what I mean

this is from the ~/.config/polybar/master.conf.template

background = {{.Data.bar_background}}
foreground = {{.Data.terminal_foreground}}
moderate   = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 3}}
urgent     = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 1}}
trim       = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 4}}
blue       = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 4}}
pink       = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 1}}
orange     = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 3}}
purple     = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 5}}
yellow     = {{index .Data.terminal_colors 3}}
border     = {{.Data.border_color}}

When you load a theme with gorice, it will look in the template, then copy it to the original file, replacing the {{}} values with whatever they are configured for

background = #2b303b
foreground = #c0c5ce
moderate   = #ebcb8b
urgent     = #bf616a
trim       = #8fa1b3
blue       = #8fa1b3
pink       = #bf616a
orange     = #ebcb8b
purple     = #b48ead
yellow     = #ebcb8b
border     = #c0c5ce

I highly suggest checking out the readme here: Gorice Link

It’s a tad cryptic, if you have more questions / issues don’t hesitate to ask



Cheers. I saw that but it was still playing up.

That is just beautiful. I love AL so much. Then it surprises me all over again and makes me feel like a real woman! :slight_smile: Al Green, Barry White — you aint nuffin.

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