Trying out archlabs 2020-05-04.iso installer on another machine gave me the following error

Booting up the iso on usb so to install archlabs on another laptop gives me the following error.

What laptop are you running the ISO on?

Thinkpad X1 Carbon.

So what problem are you running into? This is just a leftover kernel message being printed late due to buffering, can be safely ignored.

I thought it was an error so I did not proceed any further. I went ahead with EndeavourOS install instead but will revisit it again this weekend after giving EndeavourOS a spin for a few days. Thanks for clarifying the issue.

Finished with EndeavourOS so revisiting this problem again. I think I got real errors this time. Major steps to reproduce:

1. Select auto partition.
2. Select basic Luks encryption
3. Select create volume group and volumes.  Pressing okay does nothing so I had to select back.
4. Select mount partition brings you into a command prompt with the following error?

/usr/bin/archlabs-installer: line 1282: -1: substring expression < 0

Forgot to add that the installer works fine in the VM but not on the bare metal machine as shown. Having said that though, I cannot get the window managers installed on the VM to work if I have video as QXL, only VGA works for me.

The substring bit has been dealt with for a while just not pushed to stable. Enable the unstable repo in /etc/pacman.conf then update the installer.

I’ll look into the volume group button issue tonight.

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