Troubles during install

Hye all,

Distro looks cool and I decided to move up from Antergos and install this badass. Naturally I’ve come across some problems. And then, to be completely clear, I am a layman.

The installer was acting weird when I wanted luks so I encrypted my device manually per Archwiki instructions and I made the filesystem btrfs just to feel cool. I don’t know if btrfs is causing problems or something else.

I then went with a simple install : boot at 100mb efi partition, no format just mount; root at /dev/mapper/crypt no format just mount; no swap.

I come almost to the end (84%) and I get an error right after “Running mkinitcpio” :

/lib/modules/4.16.9-1-ARCH is not a valid kernel module

I have installed latest archlabs 18.5 to a usb stick

Any takers?

Same issue here…

If I run pacman -Syyu these is an update for linux-4.16.10-1 but don’t really know if that’d help.

And I just noticed my Windows efi partition was completely wiped although I explicitly chose Skip/no format. Is this supposed to happen or had I done something wrong?

Did you try to mount this particular partition while installing archlabs ? Like using it as /boot partition ? If so, it’s a mistake.

I had the same problem. I don’t know what caused it or even how to fix it but this is what I did.

I ran the installer as normal, partitioned files as /boot SWAP / and /home like normal.
formatted everything to ext4 attempted to install then received the error.
Next I just ran the installer again without reformatting and it worked.

Perhaps so. What were I to mount as boot? Root partition? I’ve now installed refind on the efi but still can’t find Windows. And cmd isn’t making this easy for me

P.S. I’ve restored Windows EFI. I thought the two OSes would share the space nicely, guess that didn’t happen