Trouble during package installation

After I set my partitions and packages it took 4 hours and still it tried to rsync. What should I do, is there any trouble with my hardware?!

Can you give us further information.

What type of install? LUKS, LVM, did you set that up?

Need more info.

Yikes! Is that dialup?!?!

Also, re-sync your mirrors with Reflector.

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There is no encryption set, but I have 32 GB for root, 2.5 for swap and 350mb for gboot

No but cellphone USB connection

What is It freezes over this package. By the way is it possible, because my country is under sanction installation couldn’t get some packages?!

Guys problem solved. As far as I live in Iran and my country is under sanction I have to use VPN to get the packages. Thank you any way to not helping me out

Glad you could figure it out like a big boy.
Did you had any issues with others distro, or only on arch based ones ?

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That really sucks. Glad you sorted it out.